Björn Baummann

Composer, sound designer & engineer


I’ve been working with music and sound in visual media and art since 2001




Jimmie  Location Sound & Sound Editing, Feature Film 2018. Director Jesper Ganslandt.

Infektionen  Music, Shortfilm 2018. Director Patrik Eklund.

Ingenting har hänt  Mix & Sound Design, Shortfilm 2018. Director Robin Kempe-Bergman.

The Square  Additional Location Sound, Feature Film 2017. Director Ruben Östlund.

Wennerström Spion i kallt krig  Mix, Sound Design & Location Sound, Documentary 2017. Director Göran Ellung.

Revansch!  Music, Sound Design & Location Sound, Feature Film 2017. Director Patrik Eklund.

Vikingaliv  Music & Sound Design, Museum in Stockholm 2017.

Rocka Sockorna  Music, World Down Syndrome Day 2017.

Sthlm Hunters  Mix, Sound Design & Location Sound, Shortfilm 2017. Director Tor Helmstein.

Anatomi  Music & Sound Design, Shortfilm 2016. Director Patrik Eklund.

Palme sista timmarna  Music, Mix, Sound Design & Location Sound, Documentary 2016. Director Göran Ellung.

Flykten från enplansvillorna  Location Sound, Shortfilm 2015. Director Johan Tappert.

Of Biblical Proportions  Music & Sound Design, Shortfilm 2015. Director Patrik Eklund.

Barncancerfonden A Hair Raising Message  Music & Sound Design. Nominated Song of the Year by Resumé 2014. Won Silver and Bronze in Eurobest. Dir. Daniel Griffel.

I Natt Jag Drömde  Sound Design & Location Sound, Shortfilm 2014. Director Robin Kempe-Bergman.

IAMAMIWHOAMI  Sound Design. Awarded Swedish Grammis Innovator of the Year 2011 and MTV Music Awards Digital Genius 2012. Director Robin Kempe-Bergman.

Barn med cancer  Music & Sound Design. Lidén Film 2011, SVT, director Anders Lidén.

Lexus Darkride  Sound Design with F Sundberg @ Plop. Multiple Cannes Lions, Webby Honor and FWA Peoples Choice 2010. Stink Digital, Dinahmoe & Plop.

Audi A1  Sound Design with F Sundberg @ Plop. Acne Production 2010, director Henrik Sundgren.

Paradise Hotel  Music. Won gold in Promax BDA in Lisbon 2010. Palladium Film, director Henrik Björn.

Maoglasögonen  Music & Sound Design. Won Roy Award Gold 2009, Innovative Media. Palladium Film, director Robin Kempe-Bergman.

Terminator Salvation  Sound Design. Videogame created by Grin 2009.

Hotel 626  Additional Foley. Gold at Cannes Cyber Lion, Webby Awards and FWA People’s Choice Award 2008. B-reel, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Dinahmoe & Plop.



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